Friday, September 9, 2016

End Times

I am watching CNN, and wondering if Revelations is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Is the Beast the head of ISIS or our own Donald Trump? Will we see the final war, or just another in a long series?  Will we get tired of an Islam that does not reform, and "nuke" Mecca?  I would pay additional taxes to transport "true believers" to Mecca.  I would pay additional taxes to nuke the irradiated site every 10 years on 9/11.  I would encourage true believers to go to Mecca to visit Mecca, and they could then glow in the dark while returning to their homes.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ecstatic Nation and Aternate History

I am reading this book,, by Amy Wineapple.  I enjoy her writing, and it got me thinking too.

I have read works of alternative history by Harry Turtledove.  He wrote a series of books about how the world might have turned if the South had won the Civil War, and an alternate universe had occurred.  Wineapple's history raises the question: what would have occurred if the Compromise of 1836 had not succeeded?  Or the compromise of 1850?

How would the war(s) have differed if different personalities had led the various units and states?  If the South had a military leader other than Lee?  If the North had a different President other than Lincoln?  

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Does Anyone Know Why These Cameras Are Along I-75?

My brother told me that there are  new cameras being installed high on poles.  They seem to be about one mile apart.  He says he has seen them from Bowling Green to Monroe, Michigan.  Here are a few pictures.
Headed north on I-75

Some kind of control box on the bottom of the pole on I-75 off Lagrange
I was taking them with my Nokia E73 (5MP main camera) so the pictures cannot be enlarged as much as I would like.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Is This Plant?

I have had this plant growing over my fence this summer.  My mom believes it is poisonous.  She told a story about how a little kid ate the berries of this kind of plant 40 years ago in our neighborhood, and died.  I live in south Toledo (near the intersection of Broadway and South) if anyone from outside the area has an idea of what these are.

Is this plant poisonous?
What is this plant?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bird's Eye View of Libbey High School, Toledo, OH

Here is a bird's eye view of Libbey High School, 1250 Western Ave., Toledo, OH 43609.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Value of Toledo's Vacant School Buildings

This is a document showing the value of Toledo's vacant school buildings,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

AZ Crowd Assassin Paintball Scenario

A presentation about how to stage a game in which an assassin either succeeds or is killed by good guys with concealed guns on their person

1. You need about 150 people to play this scenario. That is supposedly the number of people that often attended Rep. Giffords rallies. One of these people would be given a paintball gun (in secret) and would play the assassin. Three or four (4) other people would also be given paintball guns in secret (hopefully, they could be kept secret from each other). Now the fun begins.

2. The assassin makes his way to the “politico” standing behind a lectern, or seated at a table signing autographs. Does s/he shoot him/her (10 points) or is he gunned down before he has a chance to end his/her political career? If the assassin is wounded, then the “pc” (politically correct) shooter gets a point for each wound. If the assassin is hit in the head or center mass (a “kill”) then the “pc” shooter gets 10 points. If the “assassin” shoots a member of the crowd he gets a point. If the “pc” shoots a civilian he loses a point for each member of the crowd he kills. Remember, all this mayhem starts after the “concealed” weapons clear holsters to affirm our right to keep and bear arms. The question to answer: Can concealed guns in a crowd protect us from a nut with a pistol? Or would we believers in the 2nd Amendment just add to the mayhem?